Most Useful and Free Websites For NEET Aspirants

NEET or National Eligibility cum Entrance Exam is one of the most challenging examinations for medical aspirants. It not only requires a lot of hard work but determination and perseverance as well. Students strive hard to prepare in the best possible way to crack this examination and start their journey of becoming a good doctor! We have talked a lot about this.

Each and every step of the preparation is very demanding. A student has to pour in every effort in order to prove his worth. Nowadays strategic preparation has taken a different yet easy form thanks to online learning.

The presence of online tools burgeons the visibility of humans and their existence. It’s the era where you can find Mr./Ms. Technoid in almost every lane of your society. For decades we have envisaged and dreamt of a technology-driven future, and here we have the internet to serve our very purpose. You just need to sit on your couch with your laptop open and you are done!

Well, we are here to discuss something that will mold your preparation digitally and will help you prepare in a different yet convenient way. This article deals with the most useful and free websites that are worth trying by every NEET/medical aspirant to give their preparation an extra boost.

So here we go!

Etoos India

The first website that is on our list is Etoos. It has roots based in South Korea. We all know that South Korea is known for its dominance in the field of education.

Talking about the history of this website, Etoos was established 20 years back and since then it has set up a benchmark in the field of education. 

The very purpose of this website is to assist the students to top up their learning with some extra doses of knowledge. 

This site even has the best resources from Kota. Kota we all know is the one name that always pops up in the head when someone raises the question of places having the best coaching institutes in India. 

At present, Etoos Education has started “Cheongsol Academy” and is running its educational business. It aims at providing the best possible knowledge to train young minds. It offers smart educational services via mobile devices. Cheongsol Academy is otherwise an offline education brand that is coming up with a novel approach to help students prepare for competitive exams. 

Medical Prep

Our next stop is Emedicalprep. It is a revolutionary coaching institute that supports medical students to prepare for their medical entrance examinations. This website aims at providing quality education to the students right from their homes.

 Emedicalprep is owned by Transweb Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. It renders medical aspirants the best faculty educated from renowned colleges who guide the students at each and every step of their preparation so that they do not lag behind. The highly qualified tutors are the products of AIIMS and some of the distinguished medical colleges in India that have a commendable knowledge and commensurate teaching experience.


Earthslab is another most popular website that has proven its worth by providing the most suitable place for medical aspirants to prepare. There is a plethora of information being given to aspirants to strategically prepare for their most awaited NEET exam.

The huge amount of information is available in simple language that helps the students to clear their doubt and recognize the topics better.

It is one of the biggest online places for medical preparation. The aim of the website is to polish the concepts of the individuals so that they can crack this exam without facing any problem.

Moreover, Eartslab also has the collection of various sites on diverse fields of medical education. Earthslab provides the finest study material to its students in order to ensure 100% success if studied with dedication.


Healio allows users to embellish their daily practice of medicine. Well, if you are looking for the place where you can find the chief study material without digging into your pockets. Yes, you got that right, you get prime study material for free. This site has a collection of articles on various niches which include physiology, gynecology etc. 


Next on the list is MedNet, a far-reaching online coaching institute that allows students to prepare for NEET and other medical entrance examinations. The best part is the aspirants can prepare while sitting at their homes.

Highly experienced tutors and experts are here to help you out at every step. You can get your problems solved from the highly qualified mentors who have in-depth knowledge of the subjects.


This site offers a variety of question papers to the students for free so that they can get a clue of what kind of questions will be asked in the exam.

They also provide you with full-length mock tests and also subject wise tests for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This is the best website that you can rely on for your practice.

Online MedEd

The name speaks to it all. This website aims at delivering the best possible content to the medical aspirants so that they can prepare well and clear their basics so as to get through this competitive examination.

This website imparts education via video lecture by the subject matter experts so that quality of education is assured. Not only do these students get free access to numerous videos that cover specialities like trauma, paediatrics, nephrology, infectious diseases, etc. This site ensures to provide the best of the content for the students to prepare. It helps the individuals not only to prepare for their medical exams but also for their boards. Moreover, it has over 400 pages of notes with diagrams, tables, tips and insights into various topics.

Student Doctor Network

Student Doctor Network is one of the excellent websites which are helpful in supplying the best study material to the students. It is a non-profit website that assists not only pre-medical students but also health professionals, aspiring doctors, and practicing physicians.

Furthermore, it even contains articles on various topics that prove to be beneficial for aspiring candidates. Not only this but it also has admission guides for medical students in Canada and the USA. Students can get their doubts cleared and can prepare for NEET and other medical entrances without facing any obstacles.


Hope this article has helped you find the appropriate website for your NEET preparation. Just read the article thoroughly and find the best pick for you. Remember, success comes with hard work so without fear just get started with the best tools to help you throughout your preparation journey. Happy Preparation!

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